-- Gevoel Van Veiligheid – ‘Benoude Woede’ Video Shoot

9 April 2012
9 April 2012

Gevoel Van Veiligheid – ‘Benoude Woede’ Video Shoot

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‘Gevoel Van Veiligheid’ is a two piece acoustic punk/rock band, yeah, a ‘clean’ band, a band that focuses on ‘the heart’ and not on violence, murder and jail-related issues, and that is what we like about them! They started out in 2010 as a side project but in 2011 they decided to conquer the world with tight EP and a bunch of music videos :) 

We we’re privileged enough to shoot they’re latest music video for the song ‘benoude woede’, soon to air on MK and KykNet. We’ll post the video and more info on how and why we did it right after it’s first airplay…ah, I know, it’s sad, BUT we will post some ‘behind the scenes’ pics as a ‘preview’.

So, watch this space, check out their site and keep on supporting local talent!!

UPDATE: oky, so disregard the above statements, they’ve decided to make the video available online before it’s air date, which is awesome, so check it out in the link!

Blimp greetings!


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